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  • Tove Lo (Swedish Pop Star)

    “That was brilliant!”

  • Marcella Woods (Singer)


  • Pablo Madrid (Newport University Union President)

    “Mind-blowing Fresher’s entertainment, the best we have had here! That’s why you were booked for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016”

  • Toni Jeal (Roffey Cricket Club)

    “Just wanted to say a quick thank you for the show the other weekend, the members of the club are still talking about it and how much they enjoyed themselves”

  • Dubs in the Middle (VW Show)

    “The Hypnotist show was outta this world, I’ve never laughed so much! Kris von Sponneck, thank you!!”

  • Bianca Gascoigne


  • Jodie Marsh (TV Personality)

    “I’ve seen a lot of Hypnotists and he is one of the best”

  • Usha Tyagi (Event Organiser - Montash Ltd)

    “Brilliant show”

  • Gary Wilcox

    “Just wanted to say a massive thank you for putting on such a great, entertaining show…excellent fun evening. On behalf of the two boys teams, I would like to thank you for helping us raise £1,200 on total! ”

  • Neena Raizada (Merchant & Co Accountants)

    “Thank you very much for a wonderful show, everybody enjoyed it”

  • Mark Morrison (Singer - Return of the Mack)

    “That was good!”

  • Paul Nichols (Actor - Joe Wicks, EastEnders)


  • Adrian Lambert Photography

    “….the evening was started with a Hypnotist, which was amazing. I haven’t witnessed a Hypnotist live before, superb”

  • David O'Sullivan (Barry FC)

    “Thanks again for the presentation evening, the reviews from the kids and adults have been excellent! ”

  • Stage Hypnosis (and Hypnotherapy) is not Government regulated so please be careful with the entertainer you book. Stage Hypnosis is safe with a competent and experienced Hypnotist but in the wrong hands, problems  may occur.
  • So many Hypnotists claim to be ‘The Worlds Quickest’ amongst other bold claims of ‘1000’s hypnotised’ (when they have just ventured out with hypnotism and are ‘testing the water’). As much as everyone has to start somewhere, DON’T LAND UP BEING SOMEONES GUINEA PIG. I went from a therapist to performing on stage so the transition was smooth as I knew how to induce hypnosis safely and how to deal with any issues (abreactions) that may arise.

In short, in the wrong hands hypnosis CAN directly or indirectly cause harm. The main criteria in my opinion is experience. Like learning to drive, anyone can learn to hypnotise someone, its what you do and how you treat it is the main problem.

Having performed Stage Hypnosis since the early 2000’s, I combine comedy and safety with my shows. Over the years many have popped up on the scene having read a book or watched an internet course which just spells out trouble. Your guests, colleagues, friends…yes, we all want to laugh but not at someone’s LONG TERM expense. There are procedures within the show that you have to take in order for them to be happy after the show with no damage to the psyche. I have yet to see a course which covers this.

All stage hypnosis shows or stage hypnosis training can be paid for by all major credit cards via Stripe payment services or PayPal. Visit the store section of this website for further details.

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Please note that I do not claim any ‘psychic’ or ‘woo-woo’ powers. The mind reading that is demonstrated in the mentalism performances is achieved via a combination of body language, suggestion, psychology and old fashioned trickery.

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