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“As a Psychic Medium, one of my aims is to help people understand their past, their present and to give them a glimpse at what the future may hold for them. Also, helping people connect to loved ones can bring relief, comfort and closure at the most upsetting and testing times.

UK Psychic Medium Kristian von Sponneck


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“It’s an art…it’s your journey, your path. Tarot card readings can give you insight into your past, your here and now and can give you a glimpse to what the future may have in store for you. This is a professional service by a Medium and qualified Psychotherapist.”

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Psychic Medium Kristian von Sponneck (& Tarot Reader)

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“As a UK Psychic Medium, one of my aims is to help people connect to loved ones that have moved on. Once achieved, this can bring relief, comfort and understanding in upsetting times of loss.”

Do you have a loved one, a family member or a friend that has passed to spirit? Are there questions that were left unanswered, situations that needed clarity or love that needs closure? Using a Psychic Medium to connect directly to spirit can allow the questions to be answered, minimising the grief and finally allowing closure.

Hate less, love more…

Count Kristian von Sponneck (Rigsgreve).

No, Psychics Can't Cure Cancer

Please, Never Give Up Your Treatment

UK Psychic Medium Kristian von Sponneck

I get messages on social media of bold claims that cancer can be cured by spells and voo-doo etc…NO. Yes, Psychics can help you with guidance in life or help in contacting others that have ‘moved on’ but NEVER stop any form of traditional medicine you have been prescribed.

Not Your Typical Psychic Medium

I Can Handle People Grieving

UK Psychic Medium Kristian von Sponneck

It is often said in a negative manor towards Psychics that they are not in a position to deal with a client if they are grieving. Working as a therapist from 2005 and a trainer since 2017, I believe I am more than qualified to help people in all areas of the grieving process.

Psychic Medium Video Horoscope

What The Month May Have In Store For You

UK Psychic Medium Kristian von Sponneck

A video Horoscope posted here each 1st of the month. All 12 Star Signs are covered from a Psychic Mediums view of the month giving you guidance and a brief look into the up and coming weeks and the possibilities it may bring. Click >here< for this months Horoscope.

Guidance From a Psychic Medium and Qualified Psychotherapist.

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Legal disclaimer: Any information, guidance or therapy given from Kristian is not in lieu of professional advice, whether it be personal, legal, financial or medical. If in doubt, please speak to an appropriate advisor. All demonstrations of Mediumship are to be viewed as a form of  scientific experiment and/or for entertainment purposes only.